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"Not all Queens live in castles, some live on the streets."

Shirley Raines


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Beauty 2 The Streetz

    Recognizing that the lack of a home does not mean a lack of humanity, Beauty 2 The Streetz aims to serve the homeless by providing necessities alongside the things that make us feel inherently human: a hot shower, a hearty meal, the hope-inducing feeling of looking in the mirror and loving what you see. We are building friendships based on equality and compassion and it is this, more than simply the hair and makeup, that brings beauty to the streets.

Email: Beauty2TheStreetz@gmail.com

Phone: (562) 285-7254

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Beauty 2 The Streetz is a Federally Registered 501 C 3 not for Profit Organization.  This not for Profit Status is currently pending in the state of California.
All Donations are 100% deductible at the Federal level (With the IRS) and pending with the state of California.

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