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Who We Are

    Beauty2thestreetz © started off fully funded by her own pocket, sheʼll be the first to tell you she isnʼt rich but what she has we all have. Between herself, her team, friends, family, and the kindness of strangers sheʼs able to not only feed 400 plus people but also offer showers,

hair wash and color, make-up, wigs, and most importantly connection.
    By documenting the real people she serves, the conditions they live in, and making that human connection, sheʼs brought a new sense of awareness to the epidemic of homelessness. As with any action, there is a reaction both positive and negative, people are quick to judge but Shirley doesnʼt see this as a challenge, instead, as a chance to evolve and improve. The people of skid row are just like everyone one else, they are people who have fallen on hard times who didnʼt have that lifeline to pull them out. Shirley is a beacon of hope in LAʼs ever-increasing homeless population. Every Saturday, rain or shine, she and her team come out to share a hot home-cooked meal, conversation, and most importantly connection.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
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